state of the union

Tune with us Tuesday January 12 at 9pm Eastern to watch President Obama’s last State Of The Union address with live commentary on climate change, clean water, fracking, wildlife and more!Live Blog Live! Obama’s last SOTU watch party  It seems like only recently that I watched President Obama’s first State of the Union (SOTU). But it has almost been eight years, […]

If Obama is really serious about doing something about climate change, his all of the above energy plan, AKA drilling + fracking + renewables, isn't going to cut it. Since 2012 there has been a stark increase in how many times he has mentioned natural gas and oil in his State of the Union addresses. Over the same period, mentions of […]

A few months after the planet exceeded 400 ppm of global warming pollution in the atmosphere for the first time in hundreds of years we're still seeing some mixed signals from President Obama and his team.  One day they're sweating climate change, calling it a grave threat to the national interest and promising real action. The next day they're considering allowing […]