We can't make this stuff up. Exxon has just announced plans to partner with Rosneft, a massive Russian oil company that's been the target of U.S. sanctions, on a $700 million oil well in the Arctic. It's not enough that Exxon and friends are wrecking our climate, polluting our oceans, and taking $20 billion of our tax dollars to do it […]

Remember the good old days when, whatever else Congress did with it's time, you could count on its members to at least haggle, debate and eventually approve a spending plan for the $3.8 trillion of our money they spend every year? But lately, Congress hasn't been able to agree on anything — including how to keep their own lights on.  Republican […]

We're excited to announce that our Exxon Hates Your Children advertisement, which has already been seen almost 150,000 times on YouTube as well as in DC, New York and Denver, will now be going straight to the “belly of the beast” during primetime coverage of tomorrow's State of the Union address on Fox News. The ad, which was called "genius" by, is […]

Countering a multi-million dollar onslaught of advertising by the oil industry in defense of its subsidies, three progressive organizations re-launched today.  The provocative campaign consists of a web site and a TV ad that will is crowd funded by supporters online.  Check out the ad, and sign your support online here.Having now surpassed $12,500 in funds raised in mostly small […]

Your weekly news roundup on everything environment U.S. CO2 Emissions From Power Production Hits 20-year Low U.S. CO2 emissions from power production hit a 20-year low. That’s good news! But what’s not so good news, is that the drop-off is due mainly to low-priced natural gas. “A frenzy of shale gas drilling in the Northeast’s Marcellus Shale in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana has […]

Your weekly news roundup on everything environment Senate to Vote on Oil Tax subsidies Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) scheduled a procedural vote on Monday for a bill that would eliminate billions of dollars in tax subsidies we give to big oil each year. The bill is sponsored by none-other than Senator Menendez of New Jersey, one of the pro-environment champs we met with […]

Environmental Action staff from across the country just went to DC to deliver a petition you signed asking Congress to ban fracking.  We didn't go alone – in addition to a dozen staff and thousands of your signatures, we brought a bottle of 'fracked up water' from a member in PA and delivered it to the front door of the […]

It’s called Big Oil for a reason — the oil industry has spent the past century using its wealth to ensure both political power and a kind of omnipresence in our lives that requires us to use oil products at almost every turn.Despite our widespread dependence on oil, climate change fueled largely by the burning of fossil fuels, as […]