tar sands

This afternoon former Secretary of State and current Democratic candidate for the Presidency Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.  While explaining her reasoning, Secretary Clinton remarked, “I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone pipeline as what I believe it is — a distraction from important work we have to do on […]

"But I thought it was a done deal." So wrote a member in response to our amazingly successful campaign to collect public comments against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. I wrote back to encourage her, and it got me thinking of how any time corporate power wants somethiing, companies declare that it has already happened and is inevitable. If something […]

 Big Oil not only gets more than $10 billion each year in taxpayer subsidies, it has a special tax loophole that lets its get away with importing dirty tar sands oil without paying taxes on it, leaving the government's oil spill disaster fund high and dry. Thanks to two members of Congress, we've learned that in 2011, the IRS ruled that […]

If you're wondering why environmental groups like ours are so concerned about the KeystoneXL tar sands pipeline, then read on. Federal regulators announced last week that the Canadian company responsible for the 2010 pipeline spill in Michigan's Kalamazoo River had violated 24 safety regulations. Although the feds are proposing a $3.7 million penalty, even if Enbridge — the Canadian company responsible […]