call to save the bears!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) is only weeks away from authorizing a bear hunt. And our best chance to stunt the hunt and save the bears is to convince Gov. Rick Scot that it’s a bad idea for Florida’s tourism industry to allow the senseless and cruel killing of these shy forest dwellers.But we need your help getting Gov. Scott’s attention. Can you to […]

Yesterday I addressed the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) in a last ditch effort  to keep the 20 year hunting ban on hunting bears intact. It was an honor to represent the amazing membership of Environmental Action and present FWC with the $5,000 we donated towards non-lethal management tools like bear proof trash cans and public education.Thank you so […]

Last night's election had several ballot initiatives designed to protect and conserve wildlife. Environmental Action has fought to protect endangered Wolf species for years. In Michigan, two initiatives were on the state ballot to allow hunting of Wolves. On both initiatives, voters overwhelmingly voted no to allow hunting. It's a big setback for Wolves and all of us who love them, […]

I don’t know about you, but I love bears. Polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, koala bears (although they aren't really bears). Pretty much all bears. Bears are beautiful, burly, and intelligent, but tragically they are increasingly listed as a threatened species by wildlife experts. In fact, six of the eight bear species are classified as vulnerable or threatened with extinction. Furthermore, bears are […]

The history of wolves and the The White House is not always pretty. See for yourself, and then take action here to make sure that this time, we don't hunt these amazing creatures to extinction. […]

Over the holiday weekend, we sent an email out about the Bureau of Land Management's policy on wild horses. Thousands of you have responded in shock and outrage to the news that BLM claims that each wild horse needs as much land as an 800 acre strip mine or cattle ranch. It's wildly untrue, but BLM uses this flimsy excuse to […]