Gray Wolf. Photo: Stuart Seeger via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Wolves in Eastern Oregon’s Harl Butte pack could be wiped out. It’s up to us to save them.Imperiled Wolf Pack Just nine wolves, including three pups, make up the Harl Butte pack. The pack ranges across eastern Oregon’s woods and mountains, but four of them have already been tracked, hunted and killed by the state of Oregon in 2017. The state […]
Gray Wolf. Photo: Bruce McKay via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I have great news: a federal court just ruled that gray wolves around the Great Lakes will keep their Endangered Species Act protections, meaning they can’t be trapped and hunted for sport.1Now we need to stop Congress from not only removing these protections but blocking any further review by the courts.Together, you’ve sent more than 50,000 messages asking your representatives […]
Polar Bear Mother and Cubs

You wouldn’t turn off the firehose during a five-alarm inferno.So why are some of our elected officials moving to eliminate lifesaving protections for some of our country’s most threatened and endangered species — even as scientists worry about mass extinctions on the horizon? 1The threat to endangered species We’re already in the middle of the worst extinction crisis in 65 million […]

These are precarious times for America’s gray wolves.Wolves were once hunted and trapped to near extinction in the continental US, but healthy wolf populations can again be found around the Great Lakes and in the Northern Rockies. [1]Trucked from Canada, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the mid 1990s after being nearly hunted and trapped to extinction in […]

Last night's election had several ballot initiatives designed to protect and conserve wildlife. Environmental Action has fought to protect endangered Wolf species for years. In Michigan, two initiatives were on the state ballot to allow hunting of Wolves. On both initiatives, voters overwhelmingly voted no to allow hunting. It's a big setback for Wolves and all of us who love them, […]

Good news. Federal wildlife officials have given the public an extra six weeks to comment on its proposal to open wolf hunting across the US — which means we have more time to get more Americans to tell the US Fish and Wildlife Service to save the wolves, not send them to slaughter. The FWS also announced three public hearings on […]

The history of wolves and the The White House is not always pretty. See for yourself, and then take action here to make sure that this time, we don't hunt these amazing creatures to extinction. […]

Our collective howling has gotten action. The US Fish and Wildlife Service, under the management of new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, announced in a recent court filing that its plan to open wolf hunting in the lower 48 states is on hold, indefinitely. Before Jewell was in office, the feds had already approved wolf hunting in the Northern Rockies and Great […]

After having removed the endangered species protections for the gray wolf in five states, the federal government is now considered removing those protections in the rest of the lower 48 states.  Ironically (or is it "tragically"?), the US Fish and Wildlife Service said it is considering this move because we now have "robust" wolf populations in the U.S. thanks to endangered […]

UPDATE: Our effort to save the wolves just got a lot more urgent. We've learned that the US Fish and Wildlife Service wants to remove all Endangered Species Act protections for most of the gray wolves across the country, not just in the five states where the wolf slaughter is now legal. All this week we've had our mobile "Save the Wolves" […]