California’s ocean life needs more protection

Keneva Photography | Shutterstock.com

Dear Governor Newsom,

Sea otters bobbing in the surf. Whales diving deep to feed. Seabirds flying above. Our state’s coastline is home to wildlife, large and small. As Californians, we’ve taken steps to protect this ocean heritage by creating a network of marine protected areas that, just like state parks on land, help protect and restore ocean life.

I urge you to strengthen this network through the Decadal Management Review in line with your important goal of protecting 30 percent of our state waters by 2030. Specifically, I urge you to expand the network to protect the state’s last remaining kelp forests, critical homes to fish and sea otters, and to strengthen existing areas that don’t yet provide high levels of protection to ocean life.

With your support, California can expand this network of ocean parks to create a brighter future for the ocean life that calls our state home, and hopefully inspire others across the country and around the world to follow our lead.



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