Help give wolves a fighting chance

Christels via Pixabay, modified by staff | Public Domain

As you read this, wolves are being hunted and trapped across the Northern Rockies. Montana alone has set a goal of killing more than 300 wolves, and is still allowing hunting and trapping right on Yellowstone’s doorstep.

Wolves are incredible animals, but they can’t defend themselves from high-powered rifles, or when states allow hunters to burn them alive in their dens or run them down with snowmobiles.

That’s where we come in.

We won’t rest until wolves across America are safe from being slaughtered, and we’ve already rallied wolf-lovers across the country to speak out against these hunts.

But we’re up against intense opposition, and we can’t do this without your help — all of our campaigns are fueled by grassroots supporters like you.

Will you make a special, one-time donation to help give wolves a fighting chance?