Help fuel our work to save these incredibly endangered whales.

Right whale mother and calf swimming
NOAA | Public Domain
A right whale calf and mother.

Human activity is putting ocean life and their habitat at risk — especially Right whales, who have been pushed to the brink of extinction. Here’s what we’re doing to protect these gentle giants right now:

  • Right whales spend a lot of time at or near the surface and that’s exactly where deadly strikes happen. We’re urging the federal government to enforce coastal speed limits for boats navigating through Right whale habitat.
  • Fishing lines pose a serious threat to whales and more. To prevent entanglements, we’re urging companies like Red Lobster to commit to only buying lobster caught with whale-friendly fishing gear.
  • We’re asking NOAA to strengthen and expand National Marine Sanctuaries to protect the most fragile and biodiverse parts of our oceans.

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