Tell the EPA: Keep this brain-damaging pesticide out of our food

CAN Europe via Flickr | Public Domain

EPA Administrator Michael Regan,

The pesticide chlorpyrifos poses an unacceptable risk to our families, to our environment and to the pollinators we depend on.

The EPA’s own research revealed that children can be exposed to up to 140 times the safety limit of chlorpyrifos in their lifetime. This pesticide has been linked to brain damage in kids. It’s unacceptable to use it on our food and expose it to our families when we know how risky this chemical can be.

Chlorpyrifos is also known to be toxic to vital pollinators like honeybees. We must grow our crops without the use of toxic pesticides like chlorpyrifos in order to protect the health of vital ecosystems.

I strongly urge you to reinstate a full ban on all food uses of chlorpyrifos.