Tell the EPA: Protect pollinators. Ban Roundup

USFWS Pacific Southwest Region via Flickr | Public Domain
SANTA CRUZ, California (November 20, 2017) -- A monarch butterfly at Lighthouse Field State Beach in Santa Cruz California. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Xerces Society, and Groundswell Coastal Ecology have released a western monarch overwintering site management plan designed to provide customizable best practices to land managers with tree groves that host overwintering western monarch butterflies.

Roundup kills indiscriminately, so when it’s sprayed in gardens, parks or on farmland, it can wipe out plants we need — such as milkweed, which monarch butterflies rely on.

The risks aren’t worth the reward. Research has shown that glyphosate is dangerous to both monarch butterflies and human health.

I urge you to ban glyphosate-containing Roundup in commercial agriculture use.