Tell Sonic: Put our planet over plastic

Too often, drive-through customers are coming home with something they didn’t order: plastic waste.

A person throwing away a polystyrene foam cup and straw into an orange bin
Julio Lopez |

Plastic waste is piling up.

That plastic waste is piling up — the United States is the world’s single largest plastic polluter. And all of that plastic is devastating for our environment, especially when wildlife mistake it for food.

In order to protect the planet, we’re calling on Sonic, one of the largest fast food chains in the United States, to stop using polystyrene foam packaging. By adding your name to our petition, you can help build the necessary support to see this happen.

Polystyrene foam containers take centuries to degrade.

Plastic packaging, and specifically polystyrene foam, is commonly used for takeout containers. That’s because it is lightweight and cheap to manufacture. However, polystyrene foam is also one of the worst forms of plastic pollution.

Because it’s lightweight, polystyrene is carried through the environment by wind and water. It also takes centuries to decompose, making it a lasting threat to both wildlife and the environment.

Polystyrene foam is persistent in the environment. Some estimates put the decomposition time of polystyrene foam in a landfill at 500 years.

Take action to tell Sonic to phase out foam containers.

With such a long lifespan, polystyrene foam poses an enduring threat to wildlife. Seabirds, fish, and turtles often mistake bits of polystyrene foam for food. With stomachs full of plastic, these animals can perforate intestines or starve to death.

To make matters worse, polystyrene foam can absorb contaminants which may contain polychlorinated biphenyl, a known carcinogenic. This leads to the hazardous accumulation of toxins in the environment and wildlife.

With your help, we can make a difference on this issue.

Working together, we can urge Sonic to make a positive change for the environment. In doing so, Sonic can set an example for others in the industry to follow.

Sign onto our petition calling on Sonic to end its use of polystyrene foam containers.

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