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Welcome to the Environmental Action Center! Here you can sign petitions, send messages to decision makers, write letters to the editor of your local newspapers, and find other ways to help protect the clean water and air, wildlife, and wild places that help make the United States so special.

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Don’t Let Big Energy Get Away with “Accidentally” Killing Birds

Tell US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty to prevent millions of needless bird deaths.

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Tell Congress: We Need the EPA

President Trump’s latest budget would slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by nearly 25 percent.

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Save Elephants

Urge the Trump administration to restore the ban on trophy hunters importing hides, heads, and other trophies from the imperiled elephant and lion parts they’ve killed.

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Restore the Great Lakes

Funding for Great Lakes restoration could be slashed by up to 90 percent in 2019.

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Save Northeast Canyons and Seamounts

Protect imperiled whales and sea turtles from destructive commercial fishing and oil and gas drilling.

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Urge Amazon to Sell Butterfly Flowers

Imperiled monarchs need milkweed to survive.

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Stop deadly fishing entanglements

Stop Deadly Fishing Entanglements

The fate of the world's remaining North Atlantic right whales may be stake.

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Send a message for wolves

Protect Lobos

Tell your senators: Don't push Mexican gray wolves over the brink.

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Speak out to save monarch habitat

Speak Out for Monarch Habitat

Protect these beloved butterflies from the threat of illegal logging.

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Urge Amazon to promote Greener Shipping

Urge Amazon to Promote Greener Shipping

This simple design change could make a big difference.

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Send a message for wolves

Save Oregon Wolves

Help stop state-funded wolf hunts in Oregon.

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Send a message for wolves

Save Whales

These incredible creatures could be extinct by 2050.

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Take Action to Save the EPA

Tweet to Save the EPA

Send a tweet to urge Congress to fully fund the Environmental Protection Agency

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The BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster proved the need for offshore drilling safety (Photo: US Coast Guard)

Speak Out for Offshore Drilling Safety

Stop the Trump administration from rolling back safety regulations that help protect people and marine wildlife.

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Speak out for Organ Mountain - Desert Peaks National Monument

Protect Organ Mountain - Desert Peaks National Monument

We could lose this gorgeous monument among the jagged mountains outside Las Cruces, New Mexico to toxic mining, grazing interests, and real estate developers.

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Write a letter for imperiled species

Write a Letter for Wildlife

Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper telling them that you think we should keep the Endangered Species Act as strong as possible.

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Stop Deadly, Deafening Seismic Blasting

The SECURE Act would expand offshore seismic testing, threatening the lives of dolphins, sea turtles and other wildlife.

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Tell Netflix to Go Green

Urge Netflix to Go Green

Tell the streaming video service you want them to power its site with clean, renewable energy sources.

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Stop the Wyoming Wolf Hunt

Stop the Wyoming Wolf Hunt

Urge Wyoming's governor to end this reckless slaughter.

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Reduce Your E-Waste

Discarded electronics are a threat to wildlife and the environment.

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Save Katahdin Woods and Waters

Save Katahdin

Help stop new commercial logging in Maine's Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

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Stop the green investor gag rule

Stop the Green Investor Gag Rule

Care about how your investments impact the planet? You could be silenced.

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Campaign Videos

State of the Union

2018 is a year of serious challenges — and fantastic opportunities to make our world a cleaner, greener place to live.

Spotlight on the Environmental Protection Agency

For more than 45 years, the Environmental protection Agency has been our nation's best guardian of the clean air and water, wildlife, and wild places that help make our country so special. Now some in Washington want to slash the agency's budget — and we need your help to stop them. Learn more >

Help Reduce Food Waste

Producing food that is ultimately thrown out consumes around one third of America’s freshwater along with massive tracts of land. It also encourages the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer that can harm fish and other wildlife. Learn more >