Tell Home Depot: Protect the Boreal Forest

Industries are chopping away the North American boreal forest, logging another 1 million acres every year.


River running through green boreal forest with overcast skies
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1 million acres of forest are chopped down by industry each year.

That’s a big reason why, nine months ago, Home Depot shareholders told their company to do more to eliminate deforestation in its supply chain.

We’re still waiting for Home Depot to publicly act. And so are the gray wolves, woodland caribou and Canada lynx that depend on a healthy boreal forest for their survival. It’s up to us to speak for them.

The size and scope of the boreal forest stagger the imagination.

Stretching from Newfoundland to Alaska, the North American boreal is the largest intact forest on Earth, with more than a billion acres that have largely escaped the ravages of humanity’s industrial machines. It’s a vast oasis for wild animals and plants, an abundant source of sustenance to hundreds of Indigenous communities, and an enormous hedge against climate change — keeping billions of tons of carbon out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

But acre by acre, year by year, we’re losing it.

Chainsaws and bulldozers are tearing up a million acres of boreal forest a year, disrupting and degrading the habitats of billions of owls, loons, warblers and other birds, as well as grizzly bear, cougars, wood bison and other wildlife.

Forest defenders, including Environmental Action supporters, have raised our voices in protest, compelling companies to do better. Some have even committed to zero deforestation, pledging to leave intact forests alone in their supply chains.

Home Depot could be, and should be, next. After all, a majority of the giant retailer’s shareholders told the company to come up with a plan nine months ago.

Yet here we are, nine months later, still waiting. Meanwhile, the boreal’s wildlife and the ecosystems their lives depend on are losing more of their habitat to logging every day.

Take action to protect the boreal forest.

The boreal is one of the largest of the last great wild places on our planet. Right now, it needs forest defenders like you to act.

Thank you, in advance, for joining us in standing together for the forests we love and the only planet we can call home.

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