Tell Idaho’s governor: End the wolf hunts

Idaho’s state government has decided to slaughter most of the wolves living in the state.


Christels via Pixabay, modified by staff | Public Domain

Hundreds of wolves could be killed.

Idaho has set a goal of knocking the population down from 1300 to just 500, and they want to do it in just six years.

That will mean dramatically expanding wolf hunting and trapping across the state. This is an emergency for Idaho wolves.

We need to tell Idaho Governor Brad Little: End the wolf hunts.

Idaho’s wolf population is plummeting.

Earlier this month, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission unanimously voted to kill most of the state’s wolves.

This comes after Idaho already dramatically expanded wolf hunting, and wolf populations are in decline, even by very conservative estimates. The state has been slaughtering as many as 500 wolves a year, but apparently that isn’t enough for them.

We’re already seeing the impacts: Even Idaho admits that their wolf population dropped by a jaw-dropping 13% last year alone.

Take action to save Idaho’s wolves.

Gray wolves were nearly hunted to extinction in the Lower 48 in the 1900s. As settlers moved west, they killed hundreds of thousands of wolves, until only a handful remained below the Canadian border.

While today’s wolves are still only a tiny fraction of their former population, the reintroduction of wolves has been one of the great success stories of the Endangered Species Act. Thousands of wolves can now be found roaming the Northern Rockies, Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Some roam as far as California, Colorado and Utah.

But Idaho’s renewed push to slaughter hundreds of wolves puts all of that at risk.

Add your name now: It’s time for Idaho to end the wolf hunts.

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