Take Action: No more wolf hunting

In just two and a half days in 2021, Wisconsin hunted down and killed 216 wolves.


Yellowstone National Park | Public Domain

When wolves lose protections, they die.

In just two and a half days in 2021, Wisconsin hunted down and killed 216 wolves.

That was the direct result of the Trump administration’s decision to erase Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in the Upper Midwest.

After the Wisconsin hunt, a court intervened to stop wolf hunting in most states — but now Sen. Ron Johnson is pushing to bring back the Trump-era policy of nationwide wolf hunting.

Hundreds of wolves are being hunted and trapped.

The 2021 Wisconsin wolf hunt slaughtered one out of every five wolves in the state, in just 60 hours. The state blew past an already dangerously high quota, killing almost twice as many wolves as planned before officials shut it down.

And that’s just one example of the devastating consequences of wolves losing their Endangered Species Act protections. Hundreds of wolves are killed every year in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, where courts and the Interior Department have refused to restore protections.

If Sen. Ron Johnson is successful, that’s the kind of slaughter we’ll see nationwide. And his bill goes even further than the Trump administration’s rule, by declaring that federal courts are forbidden from intervening.

Take action to stop deadly wolf hunts.

All of this would be bad enough on its own, but the news gets worse. It isn’t just Sen. Ron Johnson who’s trying to open the door to nationwide wolf hunting.

Representative Lauren Boebert is pushing similar wolf hunting legislation in the House of Representatives. Her bill has already passed through one committee, clearing an important hurdle on its way to passing.

And in June, hunting groups launched a campaign to erase protections for wolves around the Great Lakes.

If we’re going to beat back this push for even more wolf hunting, we need the whole Environmental Action pack to speak up. Add your name: No more wolf hunts.

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