Will mining destroy this fragile ocean ecosystem?

The ocean floor is one of the last untouched parts of our planet, but it's threatened by mining.


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Deep oceans and seabeds are among the world’s most wild and biodiverse places.

Over half of all known coral species exist in the deep sea. As many as 10 million marine species call those coral, seamounts and the ocean floor home.

The deep sea should be protected for current and future generations of people and wildlife. That’s why we’re rallying support for the International and American Seabed Protection Acts, which will protect deep seabeds from destructive mining.

Deep sea mining is a threat to underwater ecosystems. Techniques for deep sea mining vary. Some involve shearing seamounts right off the ocean floor. Others involve heavy machinery combing through the ocean floor, releasing plumes of sediment that could stretch for hundreds of kilometers and smother wildlife.

The International and American Seabed Protection Acts can proactively prevent this damage.

If passed, these bills will place a moratorium on deep sea mining until protective and regulatory measures are adopted. The legislation also directs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to study how deep sea mining will impact underwater ecosystems.

You can help make a difference on this issue. By sending a message in support of this legislation, you can help build the necessary support to see it enacted.

Take action to protect deep oceans and seabeds today.

Take action to stop deepsea mining
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Take action to stop deepsea mining

Deep oceans and seabeds are among the most wild and biodiverse places on earth. Take action to protect them from mining today.

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