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Pumping up the volume at NPR

When I left our meeting with NPR last December – I was feeling pretty good. We'd gathered over 40,000 signatures. You'd helped us raise money to air an anti-fracking spot on WNYC, the nation's biggest NPR affiliate. And we'd just spent an hour talking fracking facts and consequences with the Ombudsman and acting CEO.  But in the last few weeks it's […]

Smucker’s won’t like these stickers

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks ,so I wanted to share a  quick update on our campaign to get Smucker's to stop blocking GMO labels and what else is coming up. We had a major breakthrough last week, when Smucker's Vice President of Corporate Communications, Maribeth Burns reached out to us to set up a meeting regarding […]

Live From D.C. it’s #NOKXL!

Tune in here at 11:30am ET for a live feed from the rally in D.C. Along with our friends and allies we'll be posting photos, video, and updates from the delivery of over 1 million comments to stop Keystone. You can participate too by posting and sharing on social media, or commenting in the chat using the box below. Even […]

50,000 voices for clean water in West Virginia

I was honored to stand with West Virginians as they took 50,000 petition signatures for clean water, including 20,000 from Environmental Action members to the Office of Surface mining this week. It was an amazing moment that brought home just how important it is never to forget the people impacted by environmental disasters. Johanna De Graffenreid, our partner in raising $2500 for […]

Delivering more than pizza to Chevron and Harrisburg: your signatures

Here are two report backs from Environmental Action members who started their own local campaigns with us and our partner If you have an issue that concerns the planet, you can start your own petition right here and be the next member to make an impact for the planet locally, or globally! More than 12,000 Environmental Action members and partners signed […]

Donation and Privacy rules

Environmental Action, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Contributions or gifts to Environmental Action are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. No funds will be earmarked or reserved for any political purpose. A full description of Environmental Action’s charitable programs, a copy of […]

Smucker’s Vice President just said What?

Last week, the Wooster College Voice ran an article highlighting the campaign by dozens of Wooster college students and tens of thousands of Environmental Action members who to tell Smucker's to stop blocking GMO labeling. On Friday, Maribeth Burns, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Schmucker's (The J.M. Smucker Company), responded.  You can view a clipping of the article below, it […]

Tell Smucker’s to Stop Blocking GMO labeling

Rita Frost, a local leader with Environmental Action, started her own petition to get Smucker's to label GMOs in their products and stop spending money on GMO labeling.  Sign and she'll deliver the petitions to Smucker's next week! […]

Hate fracking? You’ll REALLY hate fracking near our state parks

Governor Corbett isn’t listening to Pennsylvanians. During his annual budget address last week, he announced plans to open our state forests and, for the first time, our state parks to fracking in order to fill a one-time budget gap. Corbett's plan would "lease new underground mineral rights near existing drilling sites or through adjacent properties," effectively overturning the moratorium on […]

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