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EPA’s Fracking Study Draws Criticism from the Public

Washington, D.C. – Today is the deadline to submit public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in response to their highly controversial study about fracking’s impact on drinking water. Food & Water Watch, Environmental Action, Breast Cancer Action and other advocacy groups delivered nearly 100,000 comments asking the EPA to redo their study with a higher level of scrutiny and […]

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Climate Justice Convergence

Katrina 10We wanted to tell you why we’re in new Orleans this week with Gulf South Rising and TODAY: Gulf South Climate Justice Convergence. So I made this short video to explain. Check it out and then click here to see live updates and reports: Posted by Environmental Action on Friday, August 28, 2015 Click here to donate Live Updates on Katrina […]

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Thunder over New Orleans Lightning strikes our movement

Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans. It was a super storm powered by warming oceans, extreme weather and climate change. Nearly half of the city was forced to evacuate, but not everyone was impacted equally. Like most climate disasters, low-wealth communities and communities of color were hit the hardest — and many of them simply […]

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What’s your NPR fracking horror story?

Loading… If you’re an avid NPR listener, you’ve probably heard one or two “fracking horror stories.” I’m talking about the ones that tell you fracked gas is clean-er, safe-er or spurring the economic development of some little town that’s just SO GRATEFUL, and then ends with an ad from the American Natural Gas Association (ANGA) that tells you to “think about […]

Climate Debate

A Grand Old Climate Denial Party

Last night 17 Republicans took the stage in Ohio as part of two sessions of the first debate of the GOP Primary. For weeks, Environmental Action members have been calling out the entire Republican field of the troubling trend of climate denial. We had hoped, with the big news of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan dominating the news and several candidates […]

CNE Report Back

Jerry Brown Best Listen Up

Last weekend California Fracktivists came together in 18 cities from Eureka, all the way down to San Diego, to deliver a collective message to Gov. Jerry Brown: End Fracking Now! The Clean Not Extreme events were held in response to a new California study that revealed the many dangers of fracking and the fact that fracked waste water is currently […]

Carbon Bath

The Clean Power Plan Cannot Exist In a Vacuum

The United States (U.S.) currently has no rules for global warming pollution from power plants. This is significant given that power plants account for roughly 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions — the single largest source in the nation. Globally, U.S. power plants accounted for 6 percent of global warming emissions, second only to China. For these reasons, President Obama’s […]

GOP debate RSVP

GOP Debate watch party – RSVP!

The Fox News debate starts tonight at 9pm Eastern, but the media is still failing to fact-check many candidates’ climate denying statements. For example all major broadcast and cable news outlets other than MSNBC let climate denial go unchallenged 75 percent of the time! Join us tonight at 9pm for a live chat and debate watching party. RSVP here to get a […]

Frack Free Local Radio

Frack free local NPR!

NPR is still taking money from frackers, running pro-fracking ads and reporting stories with a pro-fracked gas bias. So far, we’ve had trouble getting the national reporters and ombuds people to listen to our concerns, so we’re trying a new angle to turn up the volume and get them to drop the frackers: NPR gets more money from local stations (like […]

save the bobcats

Illinois hunters target bobcats

Bobcats will not be protected in Illinois, after Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a law Tuesday. Illinois hunters will target bobcats beginning next year. This is over the express objections of tens of thousands of Illinoisans and wildlife lovers who wrote the governor asking him to veto the bill. It’s a slap in the face to the 75% of Illinois voters who […]

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