Monarch butterflies are endangered and need protections

Monarch butterfly populations have plummeted by up to 95%. These amazing insects need protection.

Bernard Spragg | Public Domain

Monarch butterflies are dying.

That’s according to a recent report, which has found a sharp decline in the number of migrating monarchs. The presence of monarch butterflies in Mexican forests, where they hibernate each winter, has decreased 22% in just a single year.

This research is simply the latest reinforcing that monarch butterflies are in danger of extinction. That’s why we’re calling on Department of the Interior Secretary Haaland to support endangered species protections for monarchs. Will you join us?

Habitat loss, climate change, and pesticides harm monarchs.

Overall, monarch butterfly populations have plummeted by up to 95%.

Habitat loss, climate change, and the proliferation of toxic pesticides have each contributed to the monarch’s decline. This has led the International Union of Conservation of Nature to place the monarch butterfly on its “red list” of endangered species.

The decline of monarch butterflies is devastating — not just for monarchs themselves, but for the ecosystems that depend on them and current and future generations of people.

The Endangered Species Act can save monarch butterflies.

By listing monarch butterflies as an endangered species, they’ll receive federal protections. A federal agency will be appointed to create and implement a recovery plan, and monarch butterflies’ habitat will be eligible for safeguards.

Since its passage, the Endangered Species Act has had a remarkable success rate. 90% of the wildlife and plant species listed have or are recovering. It’s time that monarch butterflies get that same chance.

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