Protect the Western Arctic

The western Arctic, spanning millions of acres in northwest Alaska, is an irreplaceable wilderness. Oil and gas drilling could permanently damage this special place

USFWS/Lisa Hupp | Public Domain

The Western Arctic is a haven for birds, whales, and more.

The landscape is a patchwork of lakes, rivers, wetlands and bays. Millions of migratory birds visit the shorelines, while Beluga whales swim in the coves.

Without permanent protections, this wilderness could be destroyed.

We need to show the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that there’s broad public support for protecting the Arctic.

Oil and gas drilling could permanently damage this special place.

Oil and gas drilling would permanently scar the Western Arctic, fragmenting wildlife habitat, threatening native plants and animals, and disrupting migration patterns. To make matters worse, the pollution associated with oil and gas drilling would accelerate climate change.

At a time when we need to be getting off of fossil fuels, why would we destroy this incredible place for a little more oil?

Take action to protect the Western Arctic.

Right now, the BLM is considering whether to approve permanent protections for 13 million acres in the Western Arctic.

But we’re up against fierce opposition. Oil companies are already trying to drill on millions of acres of land in the area.

The agency is accepting public input on this decision and is legally obligated to review and consider all comments. By signing onto our petition, you can help urge the BLM to grant these protections and proactively prevent oil drilling.

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